Email marketing made accessible.

From email automation to list-building tactics, you’ll learn everything you need to kickstart your email marketing efforts in this blog.

Email Automation

Inbox brims with life,
Automated whispers dance,
Efficiency blooms.

Transactional Emails

Swift messages fly,
Transactional heartbeat beats,
Connection sealed tight.

Email List Building

Subscribers sought,
In cyberspace they gather,
Mailing list takes flight.

Email Copywriting

Words weave their magic,
Persuasion dances in ink,
Inboxes ignite.

Email Analytics

Data tells its tale,
Metrics unfold the story,
Insights guide the way.

Email Personalization

In words, warmth takes form,
Personal touch finds its home,
Connection through screens.

Cold Email

Unseen, words take flight,
Cold email pierces the void,

Hope waits in inbox.


Veiled anticipation,
Secrets whisper in the air,
Truth’s dawn draws near.


Veiled anticipation,
Secrets whisper in the air,
Truth’s dawn draws near.

Who is Griffin Lindeman?

Griffin Lindeman

Email marketing fanatic & more.

Welcome to! This blog is a home for business, software, and business software, with a heavy focus on email marketing. I also cover other types of software, from project management to learning management. My goal is to help educate people on how to supercharge their marketing and streamline their business processes.

Articles on Other Topics

Project Management

Tasks organized,
Software’s guiding hand,
Projects thrive, soar high.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial minds,
Unleashing boundless potential,
Innovation blooms

Learning Management

Knowledge shared, stored,
Guiding paths of endless growth,
Learning amplified.


Search rankings climb high,
Keywords weaved with finesse,
SEO leads the way.

Website Builders

Pixels dance and mold,
Visions birthed with every click,
Online dreams take shape.


Contacts aligned,
Relationships nurtured,
CRM’s heart beats strong.

Why trust Griffin?

Now that’s the question of the hour.

Let me be perfectly honest with you: I have no credentials that would make you want to trust me off the bat, and I do want to be clear with that.

However, what I do have is time (and Google).

Even if I don’t have any background that immediately makes me trustworthy, the more time and effort I put into learning about the software I review, the more trustworthy my reviews become (hopefully).

As an aside, I also don’t plan on lying or misleading about my experience with any product I review, especially if that product costs money.

So, with all that said, I look forward to connecting with you and extending your digital capabilities through software.

Let’s do great things together.

Griffin Lindeman